Rosa and Ronnie Russ

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01. Masterful and Sultry

Duétté, the masterful and sultry vocal duo comprised of sister’s Rosa and Ronnie Russ fuses yesterday’s Urban R&B and Soul with today’s contemporary sound. The Russ sister’s both stepped onto the music scene with family members Vincent and Walter as members of the group “Images”, debuting their single “Tell The Truth” released on Cardiac Records in 1990. The single garnered regional success and made a definite impression within the 90’s current and rising dance/pop scene. In 1994 the sister’s joined the Acid Jazz group “The Jazzhole”. As members of “The Jazzhole” the sister’s roles were clear as Ronnie lent her talents as a lyricist/MC/singer and Rosa brought a soulful R&B flavor and edge to the project with her sultry vocals and commanding stage presence. With “The Jazzhole” the sister’s recorded several CDs on Mesa Blue Moon records a subsidiary of Atlantic records.

02. Professional

Concurrently, while recording and performing with The Jazzhole, Rosa also joined the jazz vocal quartet “Sepia”. With Sepia, Rosa was featured on the debut CD titled “Absence of Pain,” which garnered much success for the group. Having toured the US and Asia, Sepia’s debut CD “Absence of Pain” was regarded as the anthem for the Million Man March. After Sepia’s breakup, Rosa released a solo project titled “Sincerely yours,” on her own label “Sultry Storm Music”. During that time Ronnie was pursuing her passion for dance and opened a dance school in Plainfield, NJ. Ronnie’s vision and knack for choreography made her school a major success in the area.

03. A New Direction

These two powerful and talented sisters decided to join forces again on this new and fresh project of sultry R&B vocals and poignant Hip-Hop lyrics set to beats that encompass tinges of R&B, Jazz and Hip-Hop.

Joining with brothers, Victor and Dean Stone to bring to market a new concept to event entertainment. DJ style mixing with great live vocalist.