Featuring Duétté

Who is BWYA and Why Hire Us?

BWYA is an EDM – Group. All music is played with loop launch automation. This allows for DJ style mixing with three of the best vocalist around. It starts with Duette, two sisters, Rosa, and Ronnie Russ who cover a full spectrum of music genres from smooth jazz to hip-hop rap. Add Dino Stone, percussionist, and lead vocalist covering the “Old Skool” genre from the 60’s to 90’s. And concludes with Victor Stone, keyboardist and automation tech. He will throw some background vocals from time to time

The versatility of BWYA can fit any entertainment event for which you need music.

Mix and Match

Cocktail Hour Blend

Smooth jazz and slow ballads.

Perfect for the music background scape as guest talk, network and socialize.

PA: Small one speaker sound system.

DRESS: Semi-Formal

The Living Room Style Party

We start with our Cocktail Hour and move into selected dance music

Great for small intimate gatherings of 30 people or less

PA: Wireless Speaker system to cover different rooms

DRESS: Urban party wear

Small Office Party

Music-themed to fit the occasion. Great for the small birthday parties or small get-togethers  in a small room

PA: Wireless speaker to cover different rooms

DRESS: Formal Attire

Full On Jam!

Game On!!!! We start with the party stuff. NO HOLDS BARRED!!!!!!

PA:  Full-scale sound system to cover up to 1500 sq.ft.

DRESS: Club Attire

Double Whammy

Need to cover your cocktail hour and the party? We do it in style and class. No need to hire two groups. Cocktail Hour before the main event with smooth jazz and ballads.

Play the main event for the balance of time.

PA: Small one speaker system for cocktails.  A full-scale sound system to cover up to 1500 sq.ft.

DRESS: Two clothes changes


We custom plan the entertainment portion of the event with the client. DO YOUR OWN THANG!!!!